Investing in Turkey/The Netherlands

If you are planning to invest in Turkey or The Netherlands, are looking for a business opportunity or seeking a partnership, you are at the right place.

Capital partnership

We currently have several companies in our network that are looking for foreign investors to partner with or to take over. Through the, with capital backed partnerships, local business are able to expand to other markets and/or within their existing one. For investors, we can help you find a company that fits your interests and deliver you a good business opportunity.

Strategic partnership

Furthermore, we also help finding enterprises strategic partners. Especially in a foreign country a strategic partner can be very helpful because of the differences in cultures and language. Firms can help each other understand the manners and can use each others networks to get in contact with other organisations.

If you are considering investing in Turkey or looking for a strategic/capital partnership, please contact us so that we can discuss what we can do for each other.