Our projects

We have done several projects in and between Turkey and The Netherlands. In this page you can find the biggest and most recent projects we worked on. It can give you an impression of what we have to offer and what our past experiences look like.

Food ingredients and additives distribution company in Istanbul

What started out as an start up is now a semi-autonomous department of a leading American/English company. DenFer started in Istanbul with nothing. No revenue in the Turkish markets, no staff and no workplace. We started looking for business and over the years the start up expanded, hired new staff and got an office.
Step by step our services turned from starting a business into managing one. Nowadays, after approximately 10 years the company is mature and almost independent. The only thing DenFer still takes care of is its management.

Turkish online education website

DenFer is helpful in any sector and with that also in launching websites. This project concerns a Joint Venture with a successful entrepreneurial Dutch developer. As the website had become big in The Netherlands it wanted to expand to other countries. To realise this, DenFer helped with the Turkish website. Besides the website itself, we contributed to the marketing, legal issues and the communication with local partners.
At this time, the company runs on its own in Turkey but we are still in touch and help them whenever they need it. This project was very important because it has proven that we are also familiar with starting up companies in the Turkish tech-industry.

Turkish agency company in food ingredients specialties.

Besides helping existing companies we have also launched some start ups ourselves. We built this company from scratch and when it had grown into a mature enterprise we sold the company to a strategic partner from the Netherlands. Due to this project we know how it is to start up a completely new company in Turkey and make this expand gradually.

Other projects

DenFer worked on several other projects that include the set up of a green field plant operation investment, a digital services outsourcing company and much more.

If you feel intrigued after reading these projects and think we can help you please contact us so we can discuss what we can offer you.